1 - Together is better

Call a friend willing to help (in this case maybe it’d be better if you each had a No Pain Kit, so you won’t fight for the brush). Painting will be even more fun if you have someone to blame for your mistakes.


2 - A bit of music

put on some music and choose a playlist among those we made for you here. Warning: singing and using the paint roller as a microphone won’t make the quality of work better once it’s finished.


3 - F*** stains

Being covered in paint can make you look like a professional house painter, but you’d probably better put on some clothes that you can stain, or, if you don’t want to give up the style, here’s our t-shirt and our hat.


4 - Now we’re ready to start

That’s it. The preparation phase is over. Go to the next point because now it’s time to paint the s**t out of your house.


1 - Put everything away

In order not to make a mess, move all the furniture leaning on or close to the walls and all the stuff hanging on them. Put them in the middle of the room and cover with a drop cloth.


2 - Better than CSI: Equip yourself with a cloth, a broom or a vacuum cleaner and clean all the dirt from baseboards, doors and corners of the ceiling. If you want to do things well, you can also clean up a bit the walls with a slightly wet cloth.


3 - The spackler

If by hanging pictures you turned the wall into a strainer, spackle them up with a putty knife. You don’t have a putty knife and some spackle? No problem, we made a Spackle Kit exactly for this. #ForThePros After spackling, remove the imperfections with our little sponge and the wall will be silky smooth.


4 - It’s tape time

This is an important part, pay attention. Use the tape to isolate the area to paint and avoid staining the baseboards, doors, windows, etc. It’s better to start from the corners attaching half meter stripes, overlapping the extremities for at least 1 centimeter. Position the tape and make sure it’s well attached to the wall, so that the paint won’t pass. #ForThePros Do not tape the ceiling, apply a stripe of tape on the upper part of the wall to create a nice profile and avoid staining the ceiling.


5 - And don’t for get protection

Inside our No Pain Kit there is also a cover all cloth. Lay it on the floor if you don’t want to paint it. #ForThePros fix the cloth with some tape so you won’t drag it around the house when you walk over it.



Let’s start from the top

Just like the opposite of making a sandwich, when we paint we start from the top and work our way down. So, start from the ceiling and then do the walls. This way when you’ll paint the walls you’ll cover all the stains you’ve made by throwing paint around while you were painting the ceiling. If you only have to paint the ceiling, you’ll want to cover the walls with cloths, you won’t regret it.


How many coats to wear

The ceiling only needs one. On the walls we suggest at least two coats (three for the darkest color), you should wait at least 3 hours between each one. If you don’t know what to do while you’re waiting for the coat to dry, here are some ideas.


Primer or not primer

Most of all, what the f*** is primer? It’s nothing but a base that makes paint attach better on the wall.

We suggest you should use our Optimus Primer when choosing dark colors, when you have to put a light color on a dark wall or if your wall has imperfections that you need to cover. So the output will be the best, without 8 coats of paint.


No dismay, there’s a tray

As you might have noticed, neither the brush nor the paint roller fit into our paint tank. That’s why we thought of a smart tray. The only thing you’ll have to do is pour some paint in it and dilute it with a bit of water.


But the ceiling is high

Yep, that’s right, and if you don’t want to break your back or use a ladder you can use the broomstick to make the roller longer. And if you don’t want to dye your hair with our paint, remember we have a super cool hat.

Once you’re done with the ceiling, drink something to celebrate, wait for the paint to dry a bit and then move on with the walls.


Brush Vs. Paint Roller

That’s not really a challenge, but it looks dope written like this.

The brush is generally more convenient for the borders, corners and the tough spots, while the roller is best for the wider zones.

So: first paint the outlines with a brush and then paint the insides with the roller. A bit like the drawings you used to make in kindergarten.


Use the brush properly

Hold the brush as if it was a pen and lay it on the wall until the bristles are gently bent. Paint short horizontal traits, slightly overlap them, and then paint over them with long vertical traits.

#ForThePros use the brush to paint a larger stripe near the ceiling so you don’t risk straining it when you’ll use the roll.


That’s how we roll

Remember what we told you about starting from the top and then working your way down? Well, that’s the same when you use the roller. Do not exaggerate with the paint. On the roll, put a little, and roll surface coats from the top to the bottom. The pressure should be light. If you are applying more pressure than you would when rolling out pizza dough, then it’s too much. If you don’t know how to make pizza, just don’t apply too much pressure.


Alright, that’s fine. You’ve painted a whole wall, now you can reward yourself with a beer. But. before that, take a second to take care (at least) of the brushes and the roller. You only have to soak them in some water and that’s it. You just shouldn’t.


It’suseless to complain, we know that in the end painting has been easier than youthought. Now it’s time to clean up, but we promise it’s going to be easy.



Don’t waitfor the paint to dry, otherwise it’s going to be a mess. Gently take the tapeoff the walls right away, tilting it at a 45 degree angle. If some paintdripped under the tape, you can remove it with a wet cloth.

Don’tforget to clean the brushes. Since our paint is water based, it just takes abit of warm water and some soap. Then, rinse them and let them dry beforeputting everything away.


Right after

Oh! Youpainted one (or maybe even more than one) wall! You should be proud of it andshow it off to your friends.

Now take apicture and put it on social media tagging @TingPaint and use the hashtag#TingPaint.


And now, where do I throw it away?

Do you havesome paint left? We would like to tell you that is a waste easy to dispose of,but we would be lying. If you really want to be eco-friendly you can pour thepaint left in a container, leave it to dry, and then throw it all in theunsorted waste. OR, with way less drags, you can keep if for eventualretouches, to paint other surfaces or maybe give it to a friend (so you evenlook nice to them).